Biometric Door Lock

Biometric devices are ones which  can identify users by their unique physical characteristics.  While this technically could mean your eyes via a retinal or iris scan most often when it comes to door locks they use your finger print. The fact that there has never been a case so far in recorded history of two people having the same fingerprint patterns makes them a perfect way to identify  and allow in only the users who should have access.


There are many advantages of using a biometric door lock over other types.  Such as:

No Keys

Whether it’s  the front door of your home or a secure room in an office or business having to constantly use a key can not only be annoying but inconvenient as well.  Phishing around in your pockets or bag looking for it is a huge time waster not to mention if you happen to actually forget or lose that key.  Even if you are carrying groceries, files, or supplies in your other hand a biometric door lock lets you get inside with no hassle, pocket searching, or time wasting. Simply place your finger on the scanner and you’re in.

Biometric Door Lock

Most Secure

Unlike with keys which can be stolen or copied, and pass codes which can be sometimes figured out or stealthily observed, fingerprints provide access only to the person to whom they belong.  Biometric fingerprint door locks can be programmed to accept multiple users’ fingerprints or just yours, it’s up to your needs.  By using this type of technology you won’t have to worry if someone is looking over your shoulder or has found your spare key, unless they are authorized they are not getting in.

Simple To Use And Update

While fingerprint scanning technology might seem hi-tech using and updating locks that use it is pretty simple.  This is always a good thing especially if you are not a tech-savvy person.  It also makes them an even more ideal option for businesses and situations where employees may be fired and need to be removed from the system and denied access immediately.

Easy Installation

These locks are also easy to install.  You don’t need any special doors and they can be used to replace your existing lock which will usually only require having to drill a few extra holes.  Some models will actually come with all the tools you need to do so.  That being said we always recommend you have your lock installed by a professional locksmith.  You’re much better off paying a few extra bucks to guarantee that it has been installed correctly.

Biometric Door Lock

How Does A Biometric Door Lock System Work?

While each model has its own specific features in general they all basically work in the same way. You place your finger on the sensor which in turn scans your fingerprint.  If the mapping of your specific fingerprint matches one which has been previously marked by computer algorithms and stored in the locks database it will open.  Locks run on battery power and those batteries are of course safely on the inside of the door.  Virtually all units will have some type of alert to let you know when they start running low which is normally at least after a year of use sometimes much longer.  They usually also will have backup keys for in case of the off chance that you are unable to change the batteries before they die. Other units may come with an external power pack that plugs into the lock giving it power so you can get in.

Residential and Commercial Biometric Door locks

Unlike other types of door locks most biometric door lock systems are actually designed to be able to be used for either residential or commercial use.  That is why you will find in shopping for one that the majority of models have commercial lever handles as opposed to standard knobs. Most  can also store quite a high number of fingerprints if necessary so that if you were using your lock in a business or office setting with many employees you would be able to allow as many as you need access.  But if you wanted to use the same one as a biometric front door lock for your residence you could do that too.

Biometric Door Lock

One thing you need to take into consideration regardless of whether your lock will be used in a home or business is if it will be used outdoors.  If it will be you must check the specifications for the model you are considering to make sure that it is rated for outdoor use.  Many units made for the outdoors will have a sliding cover to protect the fingerprint scanner from UV rays and water.  That being said, you could still use one that is not made for outdoor use as your biometric home door lock if it is in a protected from the elements like on an enclosed front porch or behind a storm door for example.

Top Brands

Since your door lock is meant to serve as a line of defense it is always very important only to purchase from a reputable brand.  And for these types of locks there are a few which really stand out amongst the competition according to biometric door lock reviews and have some excellent features as well.

While most consumers know Samsung for their cell phones, they also make some fabulous locks.  Samsung biometric door locks are very tough, incredibly attractive and have some extras that make a big difference.  For example their Exon model offers an automatic sliding cover for the fingerprint sensor and a double authorization mode for even higher security that requires both the correct fingerprint scan and access code. It will also produce an audible alarm if tampered with to deter any would-be thieves.  They also offer several models which need no turning of door handles but use a push/ pull system where you push from the outside and pull from the inside. These will display whether the door is “locked,” or “unlocked,” on the display and have an optional indoor wireless remote controller.

Biometric Door Lock

Adel is another big name which is well-trusted for making high quality electronic locks.  Adel biometric fingerprint door locks, of which there are quite a few models, colors, and materials can hold over one hundred fingerprints in their database and have a “remain open,” function for when you have meetings or parties and need to allow the door to stay unlocked.  Scyan brand has one of the most unique features which is the self-learning ability of their locks which actually updates the fingerprint template of each user after it has been scanned to reduce the chance of a rejection.  Some of the other best biometric door lock brands include: iTouchless, Assa Abloy Digi, and Barska who not only make great fingerprint locks for doors but wall safes as well.

Biometric Deadbolt Door Locks

For those consumers looking for a more heavy-duty and sturdier lock for their home or business biometric deadbolt locks are the way to go.  Deadbolts are famous for not being able to be pried open and super tough.  Many biometric versions are can be a sleek looking way to enjoy more security.  While some are a combination of a biometric door lock and deadbolt underneath which is manually locked from the inside offering double protection others are only a deadbolt.

Biometric Door Lock

The most common type is just the single deadbolt which you install above your existing door handle.  Since these are often used as biometric front door locks the sensor will usually have a cover for protection allowing it to be used outdoors.  With this type you either scan your finger and the lock opens automatically or after scanning you simply manually must turn the face of the lock to open it.  In general there not as many manufacturers who make biometric deadbolt door locks but iTouchless and Actuator Systems are two that make the grade.  Actuator systems models actually meet ANSI grade 1 certification meaning they are the highest security grade available and come in a variety of finishes to match your existing door handles.   Because deadbolts may be a little tougher for the average homeowner to install, again having a pro do it for you is usually a much better idea and well-worth the extra expense.

Biometric Door Lock

For the office, home, or business a biometric door lock will give you the best first line of defense.  Not only are they just cool to have, you’ll also never have to worry about dealing with keys again. Easy to use, install, and much more efficient than other options biometric models are not only the lock of the future but of the present as well.

Extra Tips

-If your lock is not opening after scanning your fingerprint, your finger itself may be too wet, dirty, or even too dry.  Alternatively you may need to give your scanner a cleaning as it could be dirty as well.

-Many people don’t realize all of their fingers have different fingerprint patterns, so just because one is saved in your system doesn’t mean all your fingers will work. In fact it means the other nine won’t.  So be sure to choose a finger you are comfortable using. For most people this is either the thumb or index finger of your dominant hand.

-You could also save the fingerprint of the finger you are most comfortable using of your other hand as well, which could come in handy if you were carrying items like groceries or mail in your dominant hand.

It may sound obvious but always remember to delete any temporary guest’s or employee’s fingerprints from the system when they leave your home or office for good.  The old saying, “better safe than sorry,” definitely applies to door locks.

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