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Keeping hard earned cash protected is always important. Luckily there are quite a few different types of cash safes to help make sure your money stays where it belongs.  Whether it’s for a large amount, small number of bills, home or business, with a little knowledge choosing the right one for your needs is a cinch.

What You Need To Think About First

Before shopping, it is important to first think about how much cash you will be keeping inside since this will influence the level of protection and the size of the safe you need as well.  For larger amounts more heavy duty models are always a good idea.  Not everyone has the same needs though.  Someone keeping a little extra money might not need the security that a large business owner who deals with cash all day long does.    However some people prefer to have the highest level of protection possible even for relatively small amounts.  So it’s wise to take a few minutes and consider your personal preferences and how much you will be storing in your cash safe before you actually start looking for one.

Cash Safe

It is also smart to try and identify other items that you might need to keep out of harm’s way as well.  Do you have firearms you would like to store responsibly, documents that can’t be damaged, medication that needs to be locked up, jewelry that could be stolen, or irreplaceable items that you can’t live without?  If you do, you can often times save money and “kill two birds with one stone,” by choosing a safe that can fit both your cash and other important, valuable, or potentially dangerous items.

The location you will be keeping your cash safe could influence which safe you ultimately choose too.  Many are designed to be bolted to the floor, while others are made to be very heavy and inconvenient for thieves to move.  You might want a hidden option that is installed in a wall, or maybe something that is easy to carry so you can transport it without a problem. After thinking about the size and protection you need, looking at the space you will use or install it in and deciding if that space has any limitations or special needs will go a long way in helping to pick the best cash safe for your needs. Keeping these in mind, here is your all-in-one guide to the top options for ensuring your money stays right where it should.

Cash Safe


A Cash Safe Box

Also sometimes advertised as a “cash box safe,” or a “safe cash box,” these like their name suggests are not technically a safe.  Instead they are more like a security box, not meant to stop serious criminals but more to prevent opportunistic thieves along with friends, co-workers, employees, and customers with “sticky fingers.”

While you’re not going to fit your life savings in one, they can hold a fair bit of money.  The majority will also usually come with a tray to keep bills and coins organized.    While some trays are removable, others may be built- in and include such accessories as bill weights to keep stacks of cash in place.

Most are small enough to be conveniently tucked away in a drawer, under a bed, or in some other hiding spot but still large enough to be able to accommodate important documents.  If you choose a cash safe box with a removable tray you could keep your documents under it, or simply take it out giving you the space to keep other items in addition to your cash as well.

Cash Safe

A good box will be sturdy and solid yet lightweight and have a strong handle for easy carrying.  The fact that they are highly portable really adds to their appeal, and that they are much less expensive than traditional safes doesn’t hurt either.  Normally lockable with a key as opposed to a combination, a cash safe box can make a fantastic choice for many different applications and uses.

Small businesses commonly use them as a petty cash safe, for collecting money, keeping change, and transporting earnings.  They are also a favorite of those who sell at flea markets, have garage sales, or own food or drinks stalls.  Many people use them to keep cash savings at home along with documents like passports, birth certificates, warranties, and important receipts.  Firearm owners often choose them as an inexpensive way to responsibly keep handguns inaccessible to children in the home too.

Cash Safe

A cash box also makes a superb gift for kids and teens especially when teaching them the value of saving and to provide them a place to keep journals and other prized or special possessions.  For college students or anyone who shares a room, apartment, or house they can function to keep money and jewelry from being stolen by any guests that roommates have over when you’re not around.

If you are looking for a little more protection, a fire safe cash box is a smart idea.  While slightly bulkier and more expensive, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if a fire were to occur whatever you have inside will remain undamaged.  Some fire proof options are also waterproof as well, which can be invaluable in case of a flood.  Although not as tough of a barrier as those which are fire proof, a fire resistant or fire retardant box with double insulated walls can also be a good way to go too.  Another option is purchasing fire resistant document bags and placing your papers in them before locking them inside of the box to give you an added level of protection.

Cash Safe

A Cash Drop Safe

A unique looking and functioning choice is a cash drop safe.  Designed specifically for depositing both small and large amounts of cash (that’s why they are often called “cash deposit safes” and “cash depository safes”) this option can cut down on theft and wasted time dramatically.  That’s because they have special slot where money is deposited without having to spend time opening and closing the safe every time you need to put cash in.  That money is held in a locked compartment until it needs to be collected.

Cash Safe

Typically they are used in businesses where cash and also checks are used frequently and in large amounts.  Hotels, retail shops, gas stations, and restaurants rely on them as do many other businesses. They are also a very safe and secure way for those who own rental properties to collect their monthly rent checks and payments with as little problems as possible. Tenants can simply drop their money in and the owner can pick up all the money in bulk at once on a later date.  Many people just like to use them as home cash safe to help them save up. By slipping a few extra bills inside every day you can often quickly save a surprising amount.

There are many different sizes and types to suit different needs and capacities.  For example there are units made to be installed under counters, bolted to the floor, and mounted on the wall.  Some are even made to work through walls and doors. Along with several slot types and even multiple chambers, they are often an invaluable investment to help safeguard earnings and savings.  Depending on the variety you need and your individual preferences there are several different lock types such as dial combination locks, key locks, and digital locks.

Cash Safe


A Drawer Safe

While the above two types are made specifically for cash, there are a few other choices as well that can be used to store money and other valuables. Drawer safes are inexpensive and offer a decent amount of protection if you are looking for a small cash safe that can be easily hidden away.  They are designed to neatly fit in desk and dresser drawers and have a door which opens upwards so you don’t have to remove it from your drawer when opening or closing it.  Many people use them for not only cash but jewelry, tablets, and when placed in a bedside nightstand can make a convenient place to also keep a handgun.

Cash Safe


A Security Safe

Security safes are another choice that are normally used for money. They can range in size from small to XXL. Locking bolts and steel construction are standard and can make them very difficult to break into.   Smaller units are lighter in weight but normally can be bolted down to the floor to prevent the safe itself from being stolen.  Larger models can be very heavy and thick offering even more protection and space to keep a variety of items.  All sizes are popular for use in businesses and as home cash safes.  And of course there are a variety of lock types to choose from and many are fireproof too.

Cash Safe


A Wall Safe

When it comes to security and concealment, a wall safe is a great option.  The fact that they are installed and attached inside the wall can be very appealing.  Some models are made to be flush with the wall so that they can be disguised behind picture frames, mirrors, and other décor or furniture.  Having a hidden cash safe in your wall can often prevent theft in the first place as you may be less likely to be targeted and if you are, thieves may not be able to find your safe anyway.

Sizes can range from more compact up to hidden gun safes that can handle multiple rifles and of course cash too. If you don’t want your safe to be hidden there are also units which stick out further from the wall and are often made to be very sleek and attractive.  Fireproof wall models are more costly and heavier than those which aren’t.  They also will be set deeper into the wall and most will have a special lining inside.

Cash Safe


A Hidden Safe

Hiding cash in plain sight can also be very effective. While not the best idea for large amounts of cash, as they are usually not nearly as secure as real safes, there are many hidden safes that are made to look like ordinary household items.  These can be a fun way to keep a small stash of cash often where others would least expect it.  There are shelves, books, ottomans, mirrors, clocks, and even false vents which look just like the real thing but with a secret compartment where you can store money and more.

Cash Safe

The best safe for cash is the one that meets your individual needs. Consider the tips and options listed above and you’ll find that selecting a cash safe is simple.  And by purchasing one you can rest assured that your money will be safe and sound.

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