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Cash Safes Quick And Easy

Cash Safe

Keeping hard earned cash protected is always important. Luckily there are quite a few different types of cash safes to help make sure your money stays where it belongs.  Whether it’s for a large amount, small number of bills, home or business, with a little knowledge choosing the right one for your needs is a cinch.

What You Need To Think About First

Before shopping, it is important to first think about how much cash you will be keeping inside since this will influence the level of protection and the size of the safe you need as well.  For larger amounts more heavy duty models are always a good idea.  Not everyone has the same needs though.  Someone keeping a little extra money might not need the security that a large business owner who deals with cash all day long does.    However some people prefer to have the highest level of protection possible even for relatively small amounts.  So it’s wise to take a few minutes and consider your personal preferences and how much you will be storing in your cash safe before you actually start looking for one.

Cash Safe

It is also smart to try and identify other items that you might need to keep out of harm’s way as well.  Do you have firearms you would like to store responsibly, documents that can’t be damaged, medication that needs to be locked up, jewelry that could be stolen, or irreplaceable items that you can’t live without?  If you do, you can often times save money and “kill two birds with one stone,” by choosing a safe that can fit both your cash and other important, valuable, or potentially dangerous items.

The location you will be keeping your cash safe could influence which safe you ultimately choose too.  Many are designed to be bolted to the floor, while others are made to be very heavy and inconvenient for thieves to move.  You might want a hidden option that is installed in a wall, or maybe something that is easy to carry so you can transport it without a problem. After thinking about the size and protection you need, looking at the space you will use or install it in and deciding if that space has any limitations or special needs will go a long way in helping to pick the best cash safe for your needs. Keeping these in mind, here is your all-in-one guide to the top options for ensuring your money stays right where it should.

Cash Safe


A Cash Safe Box

Also sometimes advertised as a “cash box safe,” or a “safe cash box,” these like their name suggests are not technically a safe.  Instead they are more like a security box, not meant to stop serious criminals but more to prevent opportunistic thieves along with friends, co-workers, employees, and customers with “sticky fingers.”

While you’re not going to fit your life savings in one, they can hold a fair bit of money.  The majority will also usually come with a tray to keep bills and coins organized.    While some trays are removable, others may be built- in and include such accessories as bill weights to keep stacks of cash in place.

Most are small enough to be conveniently tucked away in a drawer, under a bed, or in some other hiding spot but still large enough to be able to accommodate important documents.  If you choose a cash safe box with a removable tray you could keep your documents under it, or simply take it out giving you the space to keep other items in addition to your cash as well.

Cash Safe

A good box will be sturdy and solid yet lightweight and have a strong handle for easy carrying.  The fact that they are highly portable really adds to their appeal, and that they are much less expensive than traditional safes doesn’t hurt either.  Normally lockable with a key as opposed to a combination, a cash safe box can make a fantastic choice for many different applications and uses.

Small businesses commonly use them as a petty cash safe, for collecting money, keeping change, and transporting earnings.  They are also a favorite of those who sell at flea markets, have garage sales, or own food or drinks stalls.  Many people use them to keep cash savings at home along with documents like passports, birth certificates, warranties, and important receipts.  Firearm owners often choose them as an inexpensive way to responsibly keep handguns inaccessible to children in the home too.

Cash Safe

A cash box also makes a superb gift for kids and teens especially when teaching them the value of saving and to provide them a place to keep journals and other prized or special possessions.  For college students or anyone who shares a room, apartment, or house they can function to keep money and jewelry from being stolen by any guests that roommates have over when you’re not around.

If you are looking for a little more protection, a fire safe cash box is a smart idea.  While slightly bulkier and more expensive, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if a fire were to occur whatever you have inside will remain undamaged.  Some fire proof options are also waterproof as well, which can be invaluable in case of a flood.  Although not as tough of a barrier as those which are fire proof, a fire resistant or fire retardant box with double insulated walls can also be a good way to go too.  Another option is purchasing fire resistant document bags and placing your papers in them before locking them inside of the box to give you an added level of protection.

Cash Safe

A Cash Drop Safe

A unique looking and functioning choice is a cash drop safe.  Designed specifically for depositing both small and large amounts of cash (that’s why they are often called “cash deposit safes” and “cash depository safes”) this option can cut down on theft and wasted time dramatically.  That’s because they have special slot where money is deposited without having to spend time opening and closing the safe every time you need to put cash in.  That money is held in a locked compartment until it needs to be collected.

Cash Safe

Typically they are used in businesses where cash and also checks are used frequently and in large amounts.  Hotels, retail shops, gas stations, and restaurants rely on them as do many other businesses. They are also a very safe and secure way for those who own rental properties to collect their monthly rent checks and payments with as little problems as possible. Tenants can simply drop their money in and the owner can pick up all the money in bulk at once on a later date.  Many people just like to use them as home cash safe to help them save up. By slipping a few extra bills inside every day you can often quickly save a surprising amount.

There are many different sizes and types to suit different needs and capacities.  For example there are units made to be installed under counters, bolted to the floor, and mounted on the wall.  Some are even made to work through walls and doors. Along with several slot types and even multiple chambers, they are often an invaluable investment to help safeguard earnings and savings.  Depending on the variety you need and your individual preferences there are several different lock types such as dial combination locks, key locks, and digital locks.

Cash Safe


A Drawer Safe

While the above two types are made specifically for cash, there are a few other choices as well that can be used to store money and other valuables. Drawer safes are inexpensive and offer a decent amount of protection if you are looking for a small cash safe that can be easily hidden away.  They are designed to neatly fit in desk and dresser drawers and have a door which opens upwards so you don’t have to remove it from your drawer when opening or closing it.  Many people use them for not only cash but jewelry, tablets, and when placed in a bedside nightstand can make a convenient place to also keep a handgun.

Cash Safe


A Security Safe

Security safes are another choice that are normally used for money. They can range in size from small to XXL. Locking bolts and steel construction are standard and can make them very difficult to break into.   Smaller units are lighter in weight but normally can be bolted down to the floor to prevent the safe itself from being stolen.  Larger models can be very heavy and thick offering even more protection and space to keep a variety of items.  All sizes are popular for use in businesses and as home cash safes.  And of course there are a variety of lock types to choose from and many are fireproof too.

Cash Safe


A Wall Safe

When it comes to security and concealment, a wall safe is a great option.  The fact that they are installed and attached inside the wall can be very appealing.  Some models are made to be flush with the wall so that they can be disguised behind picture frames, mirrors, and other décor or furniture.  Having a hidden cash safe in your wall can often prevent theft in the first place as you may be less likely to be targeted and if you are, thieves may not be able to find your safe anyway.

Sizes can range from more compact up to hidden gun safes that can handle multiple rifles and of course cash too. If you don’t want your safe to be hidden there are also units which stick out further from the wall and are often made to be very sleek and attractive.  Fireproof wall models are more costly and heavier than those which aren’t.  They also will be set deeper into the wall and most will have a special lining inside.

Cash Safe


A Hidden Safe

Hiding cash in plain sight can also be very effective. While not the best idea for large amounts of cash, as they are usually not nearly as secure as real safes, there are many hidden safes that are made to look like ordinary household items.  These can be a fun way to keep a small stash of cash often where others would least expect it.  There are shelves, books, ottomans, mirrors, clocks, and even false vents which look just like the real thing but with a secret compartment where you can store money and more.

Cash Safe

The best safe for cash is the one that meets your individual needs. Consider the tips and options listed above and you’ll find that selecting a cash safe is simple.  And by purchasing one you can rest assured that your money will be safe and sound.

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The Hidden Gun Safe Guide

Hidden Gun Safe

Standard gun safes are without a doubt the most secure way to store your firearms. However, they are not always ideal for every situation.  Some safes are light enough in weight that they can be stolen while others are kept where thieves can easily see them and therefore are often the target of their efforts. Worst of all, some of the toughest safes don’t allow quick access when you need your firearm the most.

As a result, more and more gun owners are purchasing hidden gun safes instead or to use in conjunction with ones which are more heavy duty.  Hidden gun safes are not always what you’d think of when the word “safe,” comes to mind as most people envision a metal box tucked away were you can’t find it. In fact more often than not they take the form of something you’d least expect.  That’s because many are meant to be disguised as everyday objects. Whether they are similar to a traditional safe or not in appearance and structure, hiding them in plain sight or at least in a very convenient spot can be a huge advantage.

Hidden Gun Safe

Not only does it mean being able to get to your weapons right away, but can also often be a great  way to keep your firearms out of sight and secure from both curious kids and would-be thieves when you’re not around. While most often they are hidden in the wall, in furniture, or designed to look like standard household décor, there are even models for the car as well. We’ve compiled a list of the top options every gun owner should consider so that they will always have access at a moment’s notice.

The Best Hidden Gun Safe Ideas

Hidden Wall Gun Safes

Unlike many others on the list, hidden wall gun safes are usually made from heavy gauge steel.  While they can be incredibly tough they usually don’t offer as much protection as traditional gun safes, but they’re not designed to.  Instead they are made more for: keeping firearms out of the hands of those who should not have access to them, easy opening, and of course to stay out of sight as well.

What makes a wall safe hidden is the fact that they are installed with the body of the safe inside of your wall, in-between the wall studs.  Different from other options these have a face which is meant to be flush with the wall. The less the face sticks out the better.  That way you can cover it up with a mirror, picture frame, or other piece of décor or furniture.  But just remember that whatever you place in front of your hidden wall gun safe to keep it concealed, you should be able to remove in a hurry if the need be, so don’t choose something too heavy  or big.

Hidden Gun Safe

A really simple way to make sure no one sees your safe is to install it in a closet and for many homeowners the best one is in the bedroom.  By doing so, you will have the ability to grab your firearms without having to leave the room in the event of a late night home invasion.   And you can always push a few hangers full of clothes in front of your hidden closet gun safe to make it even less visible, it’s up to you and how creative you want to be!

The one you choose will depend on the number and size of firearms you will be keeping inside, along with the amount of security you need.   Options which are fireproof and made from thicker steel of course will be more expensive, as they will be more secure.  There are many models made specifically for guns, usually these are the larger sized ones that can fit rifles and shotguns and most often will have accessories like shelving, racks, hooks, and holders to make storing them efficient. If you are installing yours in the closet picking one with lights inside may be a good choice, or you could purchase these separately and install them yourself since they are usually battery operated. For smaller firearms standard hidden wall safes can work just as well and will give you a place to keep valuables too.

Hidden Gun Safe


A Hidden Gun Safe Bookshelf

One of the most sought after types of safes are those which look like regular wall shelves or book shelves. There are two basic varieties to choose from. The first are a set of shelves which have a secret compartment hidden behind them. Normally the compartments are large enough for you to fit rifles and shotguns in, while the front can be used to display your favorite mementos, trophies, photos, or books depending on the unit you choose.

Some models allow the gun compartment to slide out on only one side while others can slide out on either. Since they can also function as an attractive piece of furniture they can really work double duty to add to the look of whichever room they are placed and discreetly secure your guns at the same time.

Hidden Gun Safe

The other variety of hidden shelf gun safes actually keep your firearms inside the shelf itself. These are fast becoming very popular as more and more firearm owners find out about them.  Since they hide guns horizontally rather than vertically like most safes, they don’t take up a lot of space and are very inconspicuous.  Models like those made by the well-known manufacturers Covert Cabinets and Tactical Walls smartly open from below using a gas spring and require the use of a magnetic key.  This means fast access in case of an emergency without having to remove the items placed on top or deal with any combinations.

Hidden shelf gun safes of this type can range in size from being able to accommodate single handguns and extra magazines up to those made for long guns or multiple smaller firearms. LED lights are an extra feature some units come with that can be really helpful in the dark when you need to grab your gun fast. Available in a variety of handsome finishes, shelves make an easy choice and one that will guarantee no one knows or even suspects anything is inside.

Hidden Gun Safe


Hidden Gun Safe Mirrors

Whether it’s used to check your appearance each day, add light to a room, or both, mirrors are a necessity.  And that makes them a phenomenal hiding spot. They won’t look out of place and can be used to help guarantee you look your best before leaving the house which is always a plus.  Typically they are installed by first cutting a hole in your wall using a template and then inserting a panel. Then the frame and mirror are installed over that panel, which makes it invisible to the eye since it is recessed into the wall and not sticking out.

The better mirrors will include an extra security panel behind the glass to make sure no one can simply break through and get inside.  Some brands will also offer magnets to help hold the muzzle of longer guns upright or handguns and magazines in place which is a really handy feature. Be sure to choose one with a magnetic lock that way there are no signs whatsoever that your mirror is hiding something.   Hidden gun safe mirrors are of course made in different sizes from smaller ones, all the way to full length, to make sure they fit the specific needs and capacities of consumers and come in a range of frame styles and materials to suit every preference.

Hidden Gun Safe


Hidden Gun Safe Picture Frames

Pictures frames are yet another household piece of décor that can allow you to get away with secret firearm storage.  Virtually everyone has them in their home and they are never on a thief’s radar. Of course the vast majority of the population would never think they could be holding anything inside let alone a gun.   Hidden gun safe picture frames are very deceptive to the eye since just like with mirrors they are set into the wall.

Because they are smaller in size they are not an option for larger weapons and instead ideal for handgun owners. This type of safe is also often used for cash so you when shopping for one you will see that there are models made specifically for firearms but also ones which are all-purpose and can be used for money, jewelry, and guns as well.  That fact means locks can come in variety of types such as magnetic, dial combinations, or just use a key.  Depending on the model you choose the picture may slide to one side to reveal the inside compartment after being unlocked or swing open using hinges.

Hidden Gun Safe


Don’t overlook clocks either. The majority of this type are mantle clocks, since they have a naturally wide body that won’t attract any suspicion. Like their name suggests they can be used on the mantle of the fireplace but also on a shelf, desk, table, and many other locations too. Just be sure that you place yours close enough that it can be gotten to quickly.

Most simply lock using strong magnets so they might not be the best idea if you have a household with children.  Clock hidden gun safes can usually fit even fairly large handguns but for rifles and shotguns there is still an option.  Grandfather clocks, which are tall and free-standing, are sometimes available which have a secret compartment where the pendulum would normally be.  While not as common and more expensive they can make for a good-looking hidden long gun safe.

Hidden Gun Safe


The cheapest option on the list, book safes are a long time favorite for anyone who wants to keep their handgun, cash,  or valuables right on the bookshelf, on top of the desk, or in the drawer without anyone knowing.  They look just like a real book but inside contain a lockable metal box.  Most often they’ll be made to imitate really boring books or subjects that the average thief is not going to look twice at, such as a dictionary.

In fact they are one of the easiest DIY hidden gun safes to make on your own.  Just be sure to choose a thick book that won’t attract attention and that you don’t mind cutting up. However, since even the top book safes are so cheap, buying one is usually a better idea.  This is particularly true if you will be using it with a firearm, that way you can guarantee it is locked safely away. And you won’t have to worry about someone being able to use or steal it if on the off chance they were to happen to try and read it or the book were to fall off the shelf.

Hidden Gun Safe



The best hidden gun safes are installed where you’d least expect them and a vent safe provides a superb spot.  They not only look incredibly realistic but would just never be somewhere anyone would think something is hidden. For installation you simply place it right into a cutout in your wall and screw it into your wall studs and you’re ready to go.

To keep from being spotted as fakes they do not use a standard lock and key since that would be too obvious.  Instead these hidden in-wall gun safes use a radio frequency identification card that you place in front of the safe which will then automatically open.  The cards look just like generic blank key cards so no one will have a clue what they are actually for.  Vent safes run on batteries so if you do decide to purchase one, make sure it is a unit that has a low battery alert or an external battery pack so you can open it without a problem even if the batteries do die.

Hidden Gun Safe


Under the Desk

Businesses which keep a large amount of cash or valuables on hand are always at a higher risk of theft.  However keeping your gun out in the open is not only unsafe but doesn’t really make a great impression with customers, clients, or employees.   In this type of situation other hidden gun safe options don’t work as well because an intruder isn’t going to allow you the time to stand up and open them.

A much more discreet choice for handguns is an under the desk gun safe. These can be mounted in a variety of positions making installing one at the angle, height, and place that are ideal for your individual preferences a cinch.  And of course this will let you access your firearm as fast as possible and often without revealing you are actually doing so. Depending on your needs they can be also be used in many other locations as well such as under or behind the bed.   While some units use a digital keypad others use a biometric fingerprint lock for quick and keyless entry.

Hidden Gun Safe


Storage Ottomans

For those who are looking for hidden gun safe furniture, there are some larger options as well.  Ottomans, which are normally used for resting your feet, can also be used to store firearms. And since they are long, deep, and naturally wide they can usually hold an array of firepower.

Similar to other storage ottomans or storage benches these typically will have a hinged top that opens up to a hollow core.  However unlike the standard variety, inside of these there is a compartment which is lockable by key.  The guns are placed in the bottom of this compartment. Some will include extra trays for handguns, ammunition, and other accessories that can be conveniently set on the ledge above so that you have the ability to view and grab whichever one you need at any time.

Hidden Gun Safe

Manufacturers offer them in many materials such leather, faux leather, wood, or a combination, along with a range of colors, and styles so that matching your current furniture is a breeze.  An added benefit of using one of these is that they can often be used as extra seating and depending on how flat it is, even as a table.  Just like with a mirror hidden gun safe they are one of the few options which not only add to the look of your home but that will be used on daily basis, making them a smart choice for  value conscious consumers. Having your protection right below your feet is very comforting in more ways than one.


Under The Bed

The bedroom is where we sleep and for that reason is why many people prefer to have at least one firearm stored there in case of a break in during the night. It’s of course very sensible since if you were to keep it in another room it might take too long to get to leaving you unable defend your family, which defeats the purpose of owning a gun.

For super fast access at arm’s length, you could sleep with a gun under your pillow, but that’s not a very safe or smart solution for many obvious reasons.  Instead, responsible firearm owners who want something that is secure enough to keep kids along with non-professional thieves out,  but still allows them to be able to open their safe up in a hurry, usually go for an under the bed safe.

Hidden Gun Safe

These are steel boxes which are designed to be long enough to fit bigger guns but still slim enough to be kept right under your bed.  Most are meant to be bolted to the floor which will of course keep your gun safe hidden from view and stationary, but whether you choose to do so is up to you.  Some models will even have lights on the keypad of the lock so that you can correctly enter your combination without having to turn on the lights or even get of bed.


Hidden Car Gun Safes

Safes aren’t just for the home but the car as well, which is a good thing particularly if you will be driving through, or live in a rough area. But let’s face it, anything can happen anywhere.  And many times criminals will actually target specific vehicles, areas, or even people making the old adage “better safe than sorry,” just as true for when you’re travelling in the car.

Hidden gun car safes usually come in two main varieties: under the seat lock boxes and console lock boxes. Either of these can be used for handgun storage. With both you will need to make sure the specific box you choose fits in the make and model of your vehicle which can be done in few seconds when shopping online, but is very important.  Also be sure to pick one which is made from heavy gauge steel for extra strength.

Hidden Gun Safe

Under the seat lock boxes can fit longer items and normally will use a cylinder lock and key since that is the most convenient when reaching under the seat to open them. When they are opened, they have a drawer which slides outwards.  The entire unit is attached using seat riser bolts.  Because some models that are made for the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat have different orientations be sure to carefully read the product description of the one you are buying to help ensure you won’t have to return or exchange it.

Console lock boxes will fit right inside the console of your car and many are quite roomy, but again the model you choose needs to coincide with the make and model of the car you own.  They are attached via the console bolts. Unlike the ones used under the seat, these often come in a few different lock types and many manufacturers let you choose the one you like best such as a 3 number combination (less numbers equal less wasted time) or  a cylinder lock.  Spring assisted doors are always something to look for since they will automatically open when unlocked which can really make a difference in an emergency situation.

Hidden Gun Safe

When every second counts a hidden gun safe is the best way to go. Quick access and concealment are vital. Fortunately with so many options listed above from the wall to car there is surely something that meets your needs and the space you are using it in.

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What You Need To Know About Wall Safes

Hidden Wall Safe

Having a safe is not only a smart idea but often times a necessity. Owning one which is securely attached to the wall can often times be the best way to help keep your valuables, firearms, and precious items protected. Depending on what level of security you’re looking for that could mean protection from theft, damage, fire, or all of these.

Some are even meant to be hidden from view or made to look just like household décor.  When it comes to wall safes there really is a wide range of options and types for consumers to choose from, so read on and you’ll quickly have the knowledge you need to decide which type is right for you!

Where Can They Be Used And What For?

A wall safe is a security box, that like its name suggests is set into a wall.  They are ideal for use in many locations with businesses, offices, and homes being the most common.  The majority of safes are used to store cash, important and classified documents, smaller firearms, jewelry, checks, and other high value items.  The fact that they can be easily concealed with a picture frame, bookcase or other piece of furniture or décor is very appealing to many consumers since it can drastically cut down on the chance that your valuables will be stolen.

Hidden Wall Safe

Many business owners in particular, of course need a safe to keep cash before it is deposited in the bank, but feel nervous about using a floor safe, drop safe, or other choice which a criminal could spot.  Instead they feel much more secure keeping their cash in a more concealed manner.  This is because while most criminals know there is loot to be had in just about any business, not having your safe in plain sight may not give prospective thieves the idea that yours has something worth stealing in the first place and that it always a good thing since it can prevent future loss, problems, and even injury.

Unlike other types of safes they are up off the floor and protected against flooding. They are also anchored to the wall which is excellent because most thieves are not prepared to break in, cut out and remove a chunk of your wall with the safe attached and then try to escape with it.  And that is considering they even know it is there in the first place.

What You Need To Consider

When thinking about shopping for one, there are a few things to consider which will quickly help you to decide on the best wall safe for your needs.

Hidden Wall Safe

How Much Security Do You Need?

More than anything else the amount of security you need will influence the model you choose.  Someone looking to keep valuables as secure as possible will want something more heavy duty with all steel construction and no plastic parts. As with any safe, thick heavy gauge steel (the thicker the better) is always the best protection as are large diameter solid steel locking bolts.

However not everyone is looking for the same level of security.  A person who wants to install an inexpensive wall gun safe to keep his handgun out of the reach of his children but still easily accessible in an emergency,  and store the family passports at the same time,  won’t require the same amount of protections as someone keeping a hidden stash of diamonds for example.  So be sure to think about the level of protection you want and need, as this will determine the materials and construction of the safe which best suits your specific needs.Hidden Wall SafeDo You Need A Fireproof Wall Safe Or Not?

In general there are two types of wall safes: burglar and fireproof.  Burglar safes are not fire resistant but instead are designed mainly to keep out thieves. These usually will be somewhere round six to seven inches deep behind the wall.  Fireproof wall safes are manufactured to keep out both thieves and protect against fire damage.  For this reason they are much deeper approximately between fifteen to sixteen inches behind the wall.  Many fireproof models will also feature a special lining for the interior of the safe which will increase protection for documents during a fire as well.  A fireproof wall safe will be heavier and more expensive but if you will be keeping items which are irreplaceable or extremely expensive it is probably worth the extra cost.

Hidden Wall Safe


What Capacity Do You Need?

Thinking about what you will you will be using your safe for will help you pick the capacity or size you need.  Both medium and even small wall safes can provide more than enough room for the average user and will normally have multiple shelves for easy organizing.  Basic units while they may not be specifically advertised as such, can be used as an in wall gun safes for both handguns and ammunition.  However, if you will be keeping rifles or shotguns you’ll need to choose one which is specifically designed to be tall enough to fit them.  Many wall gun safes will also provide adjustable barrel rests to accommodate the specifications of individual weapons which can be a real plus.

What Type Of Lock Do You Prefer?

Just as with other types of safes, wall safes come with a few different types of locks each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  You’ll need to consider which one will work the best for you. Your options are:

Hidden Wall Safe

Dial Combination Locks

With zero electronics involved, these are hands down the most reliable option and have been for close to two hundred years.  They require no changing of batteries however; they come with one combination from the manufacturer that if you want to change means hiring a technician.  Also keep in mind that the numbers on the dial are smaller than other choices so if you’re eyesight is not so great it may be a little harder for you to see them accurately.

Digital Locks

With larger and clearer numbers on the keypad, digital locks are easier to read and faster to get into. They also allow you to change the combination whenever you feel like it by simply following instructions included from the manufacturer.  You will have to change the batteries about once a year or so and some models will come with extra features to ensure that if the batteries die you can still get in if you need to. For example external battery packs that can plug into the lock giving it power or override keys so you can open the safe manually if you have to are both common.   It’s always a good idea to keep your override keys somewhere like a safety deposit box in the bank or other place outside of where the wall safe is kept so thieves will not be able to get to use them.

Hidden Wall Safe

Key Locks

Some of the less heavy duty wall safes have key locks. That means you won’t have to remember a combination but of course you’ll have to be sure to keep your key in a secure location at all times.  Some key locks can be very sturdy particularly ones which feature a three point locking system that locks on the top, bottom, and the opening side of the door.

Biometric Locks

The newest technology when it comes to locks are biometric or finger print scanners.  Of course this means that only users whose fingerprints are enrolled in the system can open the safe.  Many biometric wall safes actually allow for multiple users’ fingerprints to be recognized if that is what you want as well. Like with digital locks a large number will also come with override keys and an external battery pack just in case there is a problem with the scanner or the batteries.

Hidden Wall Safe


What Extra Features Would You Like?

There are also many extra features that are offered by wall safe manufacturers that can be quite useful and convenient that you might want to keep an eye out for.  A velvet  or felt lined interior for example can add a luxurious feel and also help to protect fragile items like jewelry stored inside from being damaged.  Some models have expandable shelves for extra storage space and a few even let you expand the depth of the safe itself so that you can be sure to use all the available space in walls of varying thicknesses. Removable shelves are also very handy for when you need to keep larger things inside that otherwise would not be able to fit.  An outer flange which covers any errors made when cutting the hole in the wall during installation can be a real help as well that will make sure your safe is not an eyesore.

Do You Want To Keep Your Wall Safe Hidden From View Or Not?

Another consideration is whether or not you want you want a hidden wall safe.  Some people do and some don’t.  If you don’t want to conceal your safe which is often the case with home or business owners who want to have quick access to a weapon in case of an intruder, just be sure to choose one that you find attractive and in a color which goes with the current style and color scheme of the room in which it will be installed.  Since both black and white are neutral colors they therefore look great when used with just about anywhere and for that reason you’ll often see wall safes in these colors, but it’s up to your own preference of course.

Hidden Wall Safe

If you will be choosing a hidden wall safe purchasing one that is recessed so that it will be flush with the wall and has no parts sticking out will allow you to place items in front of it without its presence being obvious.  Concealed hinges which are on the inside of the safe door will also help with this and make breaking in to one that much harder.

You can really be creative when it comes to using items to help keep your safe out of view. But of course the best options are pieces of furniture or décor which would normally be present in whatever room the safe is installed. To disguise your hidden wall safe picture frames always work well since they can be removed in  a hurry if the need be, but don’t overlook desks, mirrors, bookcases, and sculptures either.


Even though it is up to you, unless you have considerable DIY skills we always recommend that you have your safe installed in-between the walls studs of your wall by a professional contractor.  This will guarantee you have a wall safe which is not only properly anchored to the wall but also a clean and neat job.

Hidden Wall SafeChoosing the best wall safe doesn’t have to be hard it’s simply a matter of taking the time to think about the above considerations and using them to narrow down the options, which they will help you do fairly quickly.  When it comes to protecting your possessions from theft and fire there is a wall safe to do the job and do it well.  We also realize that some consumers may not be looking for your traditional steel safe but for something a little different, so we’ve added an extra section below on a few of the more less conventional hidden wall safe ideas for your home.

Hidden Wall Safe Ideas

As opposed to hiding your safe in the wall and behind furniture, there are also options that let you hide them in plain sight as well. Most of these are different from traditional steel safes in that they may not physically protect valuables from being stolen if someone were to discover them or from fire damage. They are instead really hidden wall compartments. And they work because they hide things in such obvious places that no one would think to look.  Some of the best examples are:

An Air Vent Safe

Since wall vents are a normal sight in any room they offer great potential as a hiding place.  These are very easy to install and screw right into your wall studs.  The top models actually will use an RFID (radio frequency identification) card to open them instead of a key.  The card is placed in front of the safe and it opens on its own.  Since the RFID card is a generic looking white card even if a thief found it or saw it, they would have no clue what it was for let alone come to the conclusion it would open a hidden air vent wall safe. Because the locking mechanism is battery powered, be sure you choose a unit that comes with an external battery pack that can be used to open it should the batteries run out. One of these could work as a hidden wall gun safe, to keep cash, or other smaller items.

Hidden Wall Safe


Hidden Wall Gun Safe Mirror

A very popular option with gun owners, these look just like a common household wall mirror. In fact many come with some really handsome frames made from woods and with finishes which can really add to the look of your home.  You can use it to check your appearance and outfit but also a hidden wall gun safe mirror will give you peace of mind.  That’s because you can keep your rifles, handguns, ammo, and weapons hidden yet still easily accessible if there were an emergency situation.  You could use one to keep valuables or anything else you wanted to keep secure too.   Some like the well-known Tactical Wall safes even have a hidden magnetic lock that is opened with a magnetic key card.

Usually a hole is cut into the wall around a template and a panel is inserted. Then the body of mirror is installed over this so that your guns are recessed into the wall and not giving away the fact that the mirror is anything but normal.  A few models come with some really excellent features such as removable shelves, Velcro loop backing to attach storage pouches, and magnet panels which will hold small firearms and the muzzles of longer guns in place.

Hidden Wall Safe

Another option that could be used as a hidden wall safe mirror although not really suitable for firearms is a wall mounted mirror jewelry armoire. With hooks and holders of all sorts for every type of jewelry from rings to necklaces they can store an entire collection without anyone being the wiser.  However some do have a visible lock, so if you want to ensure no one knows your jewelry is inside be sure to purchase one without one.

A Wall Clock With Hidden Safe

Wall clocks are something that everyone needs or should have in their home, office, or apartment.  A wall clock with hidden safe is not meant to be serve as impenetrable barrier for thieves but can keep things safe because no one assumes your valuables are right in front of them.  One of these can just also be a fun piece of wall décor and make a great gift.  Most don’t even use a lock and key and the hidden compartment is accessible by swinging open the face of the clock.

The best wall clocks with hidden safes are models which are attractive so they look good in your space but not so unbelievably good looking that a thief will think it is valuable enough to steal off the wall.  The majority of units are made so that they can be either mounted directly on the wall or placed in a hole cut in one depending on what you prefer.  If you will be hanging it on the wall just be sure to choose one that has a hidden compartment which is moderate in size, not so big that it draws any attention by how far it sticks out from the wall itself. For keeping spare cash, watches, jewelry, medicine, documents, and small to medium sized valuables within arm’s reach and out of sight these can do the trick but obviously don’t expect Fort Knox.

Hidden Wall Safe

Hidden Wall Outlet Safe (Wall Socket Safe)

A wall outlet is probably the last place anyone would think to look for hidden valuables.  And that fact combined with the fear associated with being electrocuted from opening one, makes them an ideal hiding spot.  While they look just like a real AC outlet, these in fact are opened with a key to reveal a hidden container to keep items hidden in your wall.

A hidden wall outlet safe is by no means a super secure option since they are just about all made from plastic, and can be a little flimsy at that.  However they are not meant to be.  But for a few dollars they give you somewhere to keep an extra stash of cash, keep medicine out of the hands of curious kids, and a place to store jewelry that is hidden right in full view. You will have to remove the faceplate each time you open it which some consumers don’t realize. And while this is no big deal it makes them much more suited as a safe that is used in an emergency or every once in a while, not really on a daily basis.Hidden Wall Safe

If you are interested in one of these you could also use the opportunity to make your own DIY hidden wall safe.  Using an extra long electrical gang box installed in a cut out in your drywall you can insert valuables and then use a blank wall plate or outlet to cover it up.  You won’t even need a key because it will be kept locked via the screws in the wall plate or outlet.

Now that you know the basics, picking the right wall safe should be a piece of cake.  But of course remember when doing so to keep the considerations mentioned above in mind. It will help guarantee the best results with whichever type you choose hidden or not.

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The Complete Drop Safe Guide

Drop Safe

While a standard safe can prevent theft and damage of important items it is not always suitable or convenient for every situation or type of business.  For keeping deposits of all kinds secure and out of harm’s way there is one option that always beats the competition, a drop safe. Specially designed for this task it is an invaluable safeguard that every business owner needs to consider.

What Is A Drop Safe?

A drop safe is a unique type of safe that has slot or opening, other than the door, for deposits to be made. For this reason they are sometimes also advertised as deposit safes, drop down safes, money drop safes, or cash drop safes. And while typically they are used for money they can also be utilized for many other things as well, such as documents or even keys.  In fact there are a few different kinds, each of which that is designed for different types of items, locations, and uses.

What Are The Benefits Of Using One?

There are many reasons why you would want to or need to use a drop safe instead of a more standard option, such as:

No Constant Opening And Closing

By not having to open and close your safe every time you use it, you are not constantly putting yourself and whatever is inside at risk for harm and theft. And that doesn’t just mean at the hands of someone you don’t know but by employees as well.

Drop Safe


Save Time

Owning a drop safe can save an enormous amount of time.  Not only having to open and close it multiple times per day can really add up to many hours especially over weeks, months, and years. And the biggest time saver of all is that they don’t require you to be physically present in order for an employee or customer to place items inside.   They can be deposited and then simply collected at a later time when it is convenient for you.  For example employees can drop their cash inside and at the end of the day the owner or manager takes it all to the bank or rent checks and payments can be deposited while you are out.

No Fishing Allowed

The term, “fishing” refers to using a wire or string with a sticky substance to try and steal from the deposit slot.  Virtually all top brands have features to make this impossible. Serrated anti- fishing baffles are installed inside along the edges of the slot to prevent thieves from being able to remove anything despite their best efforts.

Drop Safe


In What Type Of Businesses Are They Usually Used?

Really they are perfect for any business that handles cash.  Drop safes are incredibly useful for small businesses, retail shops, convenience stores, motels, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and of course larger businesses too. They are also great for keeping donations safe at churches and fundraisers. Many offices and schools use them for documents and they always offer a protected place for rent checks to be deposited.

Types Of Drop Safes

With quite a few different types to choose from we’ve compiled a list with all the basics you need to know about each to help you make an informed decision on which type is right for your needs.

Floor Drop Safes

Basically a floor safe with drop slot on top, these are larger and heavier than other options, although sizes do vary. Regardless of the size you ultimately choose, be sure to remember that the thicker the walls and body of the safe, the tougher it will be.  A safe which has a body and walls that are a minimum of a quarter of an inch thick is ideal.  The door of the safe should have at least a half inch of solid steel and bolts that are an inch in diameter.  Of course an anti-fishing baffle is a necessity.

A big benefit of this type of safe is that the drop slot itself is often larger. Many are front loading and both work and look similar to the slot on a mailbox.  A larger slot means you’ll be able to deposit larger items and bigger amounts of cash at one time into your safe saving time and hassle.

Drop Safe

Typically floor drop safes will have one of two lock types: either a dial combination lock or a digital lock.  Dial combination locks are of course very dependable and the right choice for situations where only very trustworthy individuals are allowed to know the combination.  The advantage of digital locks is that there combination can be quickly and easily changed if you have to fire an employee or have concerns about someone who might have access to your safe. Some advanced digital locks called audit trail locks allow for users to have different combinations and when the lock is plugged into your computer you can even see who opened, when , and for how long which can be very helpful if you happen to have money stolen.

There are also a few different sizes to meet different needs. The average safe size is usually around twenty inches in height while a few are a little shorter.  These are a fantastic choice for a business that has one to two registers such as restaurants, bars, motels, hotels, convenience stores, and smaller retail operations.  But, of course they can be used at home as well.

Drop Safe

Larger units sometimes called inside teller drops are suited for bigger businesses that have multiple tellers.  This type of cash drop safe allows for the bigger bills and amounts to be added through the slot and kept in a locker to which only the owner has a key.  The rest of the safe can be used by managers to deposit items such as multiple cash drawers without giving them complete access to all the money.

Another large option is a double chambered safe that actually has two safes.  Double chambered drop safes may have a side-by-side configuration or have one compartment on top of the other.   Side-by-side options normally have one larger safe and one smaller, with the drop box on top of the one which is smaller. One of these is a smart choice for a business owner who needs to allow the manager or employees access to one compartment possibly for the use of petty cash or storage of items which need protection, but does not want them to be able to open both.  Large amounts of cash are deposited in the drop slot and kept in the safe below which only the owner can open.

While floor drop safes offer the best protection they should be bolted down securely to the ground.  All safes of this type will have holes and mounting hardware for doing so.  This is extremely important because even though they are very heavy and incredibly inconvenient to move you don’t want a thief to be able to take your safe somewhere else where they would have the time and privacy to get into it.

Drop Safe


Under Counter Drop Safe

A very easy and inexpensive way to cut down on employee theft and money loss is by using under counter drop safes. These work particularly well for large business that have many different stations, registers, or counters where money is being taken in. Mounted right under the counter where transactions take place, employees can immediately deposit cash which can be collected in rounds by a manager and put into a larger and more secure safe.

But of course they work phenomenally well for smaller business and operations as well where you would like to have a convenient and hidden place to deposit payments and collect them later on.  In fact because they are so handy and cheap many people purchase them simply as a safe for keeping cash at home, so they can easily slip money inside without having to lock and unlock it every time. They don’t have to be secured literally under the counter they can also be bolted down to the floor if that’s what you prefer.

Drop Safe

Unlike with other types normally these small drop safes either have a dial combination lock or use a key.  Some units may use two keys instead of one for extra security so that two people are required to open the safe. The majority will have pre-drilled holes for mounting and depending on the model those could be on the top, sides, bottom, or all of these.  Others may require you to drill the holes yourself.

If you will be keeping large quantities of cash be sure to choose a safe which is thicker and heavier. Lighter and thinner safes for smaller amounts will normally use piano style hinges.  However for heavier and more secure ones, a solid steel pin is the ideal hinge type to use due to its increased strength.  Don’t forget to make sure that the under counter drop safe you choose has an anti-fishing baffle feature as well.

Drop Safe


Wall Drop Safe

For many businesses and even offices a wall drop safe is the answer to their needs.  Like their name suggests they are mounted to the wall.  As a result they are lighter in weight and smaller in size, yet very tough.  Since they are not as thick and heavy as traditional safes, which they can’t be because this would interfere with them being able to be used on the wall, they are sometimes also referred to as drop boxes or drop safe boxes.  There different sizes for different needs from slim space saving models to ones designed for   bulk items.

Anti-fishing baffles and reinforced steel doors are always features to look for which will help prevent theft.  While they might not look as tough floor safes, unless someone is going to knock down your wall or put a huge hole in it they are not going to be able to get what’s inside.  Of course that being said you should attach it to a sturdy wall, preferably one made from concrete but they can be also mounted on wood and even sheetrock.   Some wall drop safes can also be mounted on desks or used free standing.  It depends on what you will be using it for and in what type of environment, not everyone needs the same level of protection.

Drop Safe

When it comes to uses, the most common is by property managers or owners for collecting rent checks and keys.  This is of course is a much more efficient method than receiving such items in the mailbox or under the door and it prevent tenants from using the excuse that their rent payment must have been lost or stolen after they dropped it off.  With a wall drop safe either they gave it to you or they didn’t, there’s no confusion.

Of course wall drop safes are great for all sorts of other business that require payments, contracts to be delivered, time cards to be dropped off, etc.  They are especially convenient for home businesses.  In the office they are frequently used for ballots, forms, time cards, notes, files, and documents which are meant to remain private.  There are even wall drop safes made specifically to securely house medications and work great in pharmacies, police stations, hospitals, fire stations and many other places as well.  One thing to keep in mind however is that the vast majority of safes are made for indoor use so placing one in a foyer, hallway, porch or covered area where it will not be directly exposed to the elements is a must.

Drop Safe

Through The Wall Drop Safes    

Another variation, while not as common but very useful, is the through the wall drop safe.  And yes, these are fitted in your wall so that items can be deposited on one side of the wall and are stored and opened safely on the other.  Most are very sturdy and depending on the model, are normally ideal for walls which are between four and ten inches thick.

Drop Safe

A through the wall drop safe is yet another excellent rent collecting tool especially for those who do not want to risk opening their safe outside.  In many areas unfortunately these may be a necessity.  They are also commonly installed in businesses so that employees can drop in cash and documents for the manger or owner without having to enter inside of their office.

While some are designed to have large slots for bulkier items others may have thinner ones that are designed specifically for documents, letters, and checks.  You will find that there are two basic types ones which have a chute and ones which don’t.  Models with chutes have the chute set at a downward angle so that items can easily drop into the safe box below without any resistance.  Having a chute which is adjustable is a handy feature since it can be extended to fit to the exact width of your wall.

Drop Safe


Through The Door

A similar concept to through the wall safes are through the door drop safes.  They are mounted on the inside of the door of a home, office, or business with the drop slot or drawer on the outside.  And of course these too are very popular for rent checks, payments of all types, and as key drops for auto body businesses.   Through the door drop safes are also a fantastic idea if you will be receiving checks in the mail.

However, even though the majority of models may look just like a mailbox slot, many consumers make the understandable mistake of assuming they all can fit regular size mail which is not always the case. While many can, others cannot.  Simply be sure to take a look at the specifications of the unit you are considering to guarantee the size of its slot meets your individual requirements whatever they may be.

Drop Safe

From cash to documents there really is a drop safe for every need and level of protection.  Whether  it’s for a business, home, or office by using one you’ll drastically cut down on the of risk of theft  and save a ton of time.  There is no greater investment than your own peace of mind and that is exactly what these special safes provide.

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