This article was written by John Moran, a director at Minerva Security, which shares over 70 years of experience in the commercial security and fire safety industry.

As a business owner, you cannot be everywhere at all times. However, CCTV systems become your eyes when you are away from your business. With the right security in place, your business has nothing to lose. A commercial CCTV system is larger, more powerful and expensive than those intended for home use.

Another security measure that can also benefit your business premises is a security alarm system. Most alarm systems are configured to alert you either by bell or text message whenever there is an incident at your workplace.

Benefits of Pairing CCTV and Security Alarms

By combining an alarm system with your CCTV system, you get to have your own security guard who can monitor your CCTV on your behalf. With cutting edge CCTV security products that are tailored to particularly fit your business you are always aware of the on-goings in your business. When an uninvited person comes to your business premises, your security alarm system alerts you to check your cameras and then take necessary action. Here are some more reasons to pair security alarms and CCTV.



To Deter Crime

When CCTV cameras monitor your workplace regularly, and security alarm systems alert you, criminals are more likely to leave your business alone and look for easier targets.

Keeping Records

A commercial CCTV system can store a lot of data since it has enough space for more than one hard drive. The feature is essential since the cameras run throughout and thus record all the happenings at your workplace. Security alarm systems on the other hand alert you when you have an issue in your business premise. The security alarm alerts you in time and gives you an opportunity to contact the police if necessary. A CCTV system helps the police as they can consult the recordings as they conduct the investigations.

To Protect People

With CCTV systems and security alarms are incorporated to your business premises and work well, your employees feel safe while at work. Staff who are at work during unsociable hours are likely to feel more protected as they arrive and leave work.

The best part about both security alarm systems and CCTV cameras is that you can monitor the remotely. Most cutting-edge CCTV systems allow you to view the surveillance over the Internet. The live video from any of the CCTV cameras can be securely transmitted to your PC, smartphone or laptop. As a result, you have the freedom to travel, be away from the office without being disconnected. You can, therefore, keep abreast of all the occurrences in your business premises while on the go.

Security alarm systems are also entirely remotely controllable from your computer or mobile device. With remote access, you can arm or disarm the security alarm at your workplace regardless of where you are. You can also stay updated through emails or text message alerts or alarms. The remote access also allows you to read the details of the alarm log even when you are far from your commercial property.

Security is an essential part of any area, and when you pair CCTV and safety alarms, you arm yourself to deal with any insecurity issues. As a result, you get to enjoy a peace of mind since you know that nothing goes unseen within your business premises.

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