Fake Security Camera

Sometimes and more often than not thieves will take the easy way out.  What would be the point of breaking into a home or property that is protected by an alarm system, dog, or security cameras and risk getting caught when they could just go somewhere else?  The old adage “better safe than sorry,” works for both the criminals and law-abiding citizens as well. By using fake security cameras you can help to deter crooks and keep your home or business safe with the perceived threat of surveillance.

Do Fake Security Cameras Work?

Of course they do! And while no security measure can work 100% of the time, other than having a big snarling guard dog, cameras whether real or not, are the best deterrent.  No thief no matter how inexperienced wants there to be a video of them committing a crime.  Installing fake security cameras can instantly change your home or business from being a target to a situation that thieves will pass up.

Could you still get robbed even with strategically placed and very realistic looking fake cameras? Of course, but anyone who would steal while thinking they are being taped is either a professional or very stupid. In either case a camera real or fake wouldn’t help anyway. That being said you will deter the vast majority of would-be thieves and that is a much larger group.  For them it is just not worth the risk.

Fake Security Camera

A Very Low Cost Deterrent

Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on real security cameras fake ones in contrast are often incredibly cheap. In fact many of the best looking and most effective models are often under thirty dollars apiece and many even less.  By deterring even one theft they pay for themselves many, many times over.  For such a low cost item they provide a value which is exponential.

Ideal While Saving For A Real System Or Adding To An Existing One

 Many people will actually use fake security cameras temporarily while they are saving up for the real thing. This not only gives them time to save cash but to shop around so they can find the best deals and right system for their needs but also helps to keep them from being the victim of theft in the meanwhile.

Many consumers don’t realize that fake cameras are actually a fantastic way to add to an existing security camera system as well.  By mixing in fake or dummy cameras with real ones, you are increasing the safety of your property by portraying the appearance of having a much larger system than you really do, which is that much more of a . Not a bad way to double or triple the amount of cameras while still having active ones recording.  But of course be sure to keep working cameras in the most vulnerable spots for theft.

Fake Security Camera


Look Incredibly Authentic

The majority of fake security cameras on the market look incredibly real. In fact, many even routinely fool security experts which is always a good thing.  They can mimic all different types and even will include special features that use batteries f that specific type to make them look as if they are on and recording.

Different Types

Just about all the options today are water proof and rated for both indoor and outdoor use. There are however a few different types to choose from mainly with two different body styles: bullet and dome cameras.

Bullet Cameras

The most commonly used fake outdoor security cameras are the bullet style. They are aptly named since their shape resembles that of a bullet.  Since many real bullet style cameras are infrared you will find that the fake variety look like they are too.  However instead emitting real infrared light allowing it to see in total darkness these employ LED lights instead.  Seeing a ring of illuminating red LED lights that automatically turn on as it gets dark really makes them look like the real thing and shows thieved that they are both on and recording.  The LED lights on some models may not light up, it depends on the one you choose, but you’ll find that almost all will have at least have a red blinking light which is easily seen both during the day and at night and indicates it is recording.  A few cameras will even pan back and forth when motion is detected from a motion detector on the camera to make it look even more real.

Fake Security Camera

Depending on the unit some will have include a wire that looks as if it is connects to a power source inside of the wall to which it is attached.  Other models are meant to function as fake wireless security cameras and instead have an antenna and no wire.  However, whether they have a wire or not they will really function on batteries. Another choice for fake security cameras solar powered units have a solar panel on top to charge their own batteries cutting down on having to change them.

Fake Dome Security Cameras

Real dome security cameras are the type most often used inside shops parking garages, casinos, homes, and all sorts of businesses.  They are even popular “nanny cams”. But of course, they can be used outside as well.  Not all consisting of a camera which is encased in a sturdy dome that protects it from the elements and being disabled, these are a very recognizable deterrent to burglars.

There mere presence makes criminals uneasy since this type of camera is known for having a wider field of view it does not have to be pointed directly at them to make them feel as if they are always being recorded.  Placing one on the ceiling in the center of a room for example will make it seem as is the entire room is under surveillance from a single camera.  And this in turn makes fake dome security cameras a smart choice.  They are even harder to pick out as fakes since the dome adds a barrier against closer inspection. A few brands even use real camera housing on the outside to increase the realistic appearance even further.

Fake Security Camera

Unlike fake bullet style units these usually do not come with any fake wires since the wiring of the real type is not normally visible as it is run through the wall. They will however normally have a blinking red LED light to make it seem as if it is recording that runs on batteries. Some consumers like to keep this on, while other keep it off, it’s up to you.   Solar powered units are an option too.  Like with the real variety you will have the choice of purchasing ones which are directly mounted to the ceiling or hang down.

Where Can I Buy Fake Security Cameras?

When shopping locally for fake security cameras Lowes, Home Depot, and other similar home stores should usually have a selection.  And while they are in general pretty cheap no matter where you purchase them, you can often find them for dirt cheap online. Some of the best online deals are for sets of multiple cameras which can sometimes be cheaper than buying a single unit locally and will make it seem as if you have an entire surveillance system.  While maybe a little over cautious it might also be a little smarter to buy online simply because there is more variety and if you only have a few models at your local home store, you don’t want thieves to be able to recognize them as such.

Fake Security Camera

As a deterrent, fake security cameras are one option home and business owners should take advantage of whether they have an existing system or not.  For their low price plus the cost of a few batteries they can help prevent theft, vandalism, property damage and any number of unwanted problems that come along with them.  Making your property look more secure than it really is a simple way to make the bad guys think twice!

A Little Extra Advice

-Don’t forget that even though it is always smart to get the best deal possible, you want to do so on a unit that looks authentic.  A cheap fake looking camera won’t fool anyone but for literally a few extra dollars you’ll most likely be able to find one which can easily trick the majority.

– If you are unsure about how your camera looks, simply mount it a little higher. A few extra inches in height can make a huge difference in how is perceived.

-Fake security cameras and signs or stickers stating that your home is under video surveillance and protected by a security company used together can be the icing on the cake when it comes to looking like the real deal.  Signs and stickers can also be purchased online for only a few dollars apiece.

Fake Security Camera

-Homes and businesses which are well lit at night are much less likely to be broken into.  By adding a few lights you’ll be decreasing the chance it will be targeted.  There’s a reason criminals like dimly lit properties and it’s the same one that keeps them out of areas with fake cameras, they don’t want to be seen.

-Keep your fake home security camera a secret.  There is no reason to brag to friends, family, and especially neighbors about your new approach to keeping thieves at bay. While this might sound obvious a white lie sometimes can go a long way in terms of prevention.

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