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While a standard safe can prevent theft and damage of important items it is not always suitable or convenient for every situation or type of business.  For keeping deposits of all kinds secure and out of harm’s way there is one option that always beats the competition, a drop safe. Specially designed for this task it is an invaluable safeguard that every business owner needs to consider.

What Is A Drop Safe?

A drop safe is a unique type of safe that has slot or opening, other than the door, for deposits to be made. For this reason they are sometimes also advertised as deposit safes, drop down safes, money drop safes, or cash drop safes. And while typically they are used for money they can also be utilized for many other things as well, such as documents or even keys.  In fact there are a few different kinds, each of which that is designed for different types of items, locations, and uses.

What Are The Benefits Of Using One?

There are many reasons why you would want to or need to use a drop safe instead of a more standard option, such as:

No Constant Opening And Closing

By not having to open and close your safe every time you use it, you are not constantly putting yourself and whatever is inside at risk for harm and theft. And that doesn’t just mean at the hands of someone you don’t know but by employees as well.

Drop Safe


Save Time

Owning a drop safe can save an enormous amount of time.  Not only having to open and close it multiple times per day can really add up to many hours especially over weeks, months, and years. And the biggest time saver of all is that they don’t require you to be physically present in order for an employee or customer to place items inside.   They can be deposited and then simply collected at a later time when it is convenient for you.  For example employees can drop their cash inside and at the end of the day the owner or manager takes it all to the bank or rent checks and payments can be deposited while you are out.

No Fishing Allowed

The term, “fishing” refers to using a wire or string with a sticky substance to try and steal from the deposit slot.  Virtually all top brands have features to make this impossible. Serrated anti- fishing baffles are installed inside along the edges of the slot to prevent thieves from being able to remove anything despite their best efforts.

Drop Safe


In What Type Of Businesses Are They Usually Used?

Really they are perfect for any business that handles cash.  Drop safes are incredibly useful for small businesses, retail shops, convenience stores, motels, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and of course larger businesses too. They are also great for keeping donations safe at churches and fundraisers. Many offices and schools use them for documents and they always offer a protected place for rent checks to be deposited.

Types Of Drop Safes

With quite a few different types to choose from we’ve compiled a list with all the basics you need to know about each to help you make an informed decision on which type is right for your needs.

Floor Drop Safes

Basically a floor safe with drop slot on top, these are larger and heavier than other options, although sizes do vary. Regardless of the size you ultimately choose, be sure to remember that the thicker the walls and body of the safe, the tougher it will be.  A safe which has a body and walls that are a minimum of a quarter of an inch thick is ideal.  The door of the safe should have at least a half inch of solid steel and bolts that are an inch in diameter.  Of course an anti-fishing baffle is a necessity.

A big benefit of this type of safe is that the drop slot itself is often larger. Many are front loading and both work and look similar to the slot on a mailbox.  A larger slot means you’ll be able to deposit larger items and bigger amounts of cash at one time into your safe saving time and hassle.

Drop Safe

Typically floor drop safes will have one of two lock types: either a dial combination lock or a digital lock.  Dial combination locks are of course very dependable and the right choice for situations where only very trustworthy individuals are allowed to know the combination.  The advantage of digital locks is that there combination can be quickly and easily changed if you have to fire an employee or have concerns about someone who might have access to your safe. Some advanced digital locks called audit trail locks allow for users to have different combinations and when the lock is plugged into your computer you can even see who opened, when , and for how long which can be very helpful if you happen to have money stolen.

There are also a few different sizes to meet different needs. The average safe size is usually around twenty inches in height while a few are a little shorter.  These are a fantastic choice for a business that has one to two registers such as restaurants, bars, motels, hotels, convenience stores, and smaller retail operations.  But, of course they can be used at home as well.

Drop Safe

Larger units sometimes called inside teller drops are suited for bigger businesses that have multiple tellers.  This type of cash drop safe allows for the bigger bills and amounts to be added through the slot and kept in a locker to which only the owner has a key.  The rest of the safe can be used by managers to deposit items such as multiple cash drawers without giving them complete access to all the money.

Another large option is a double chambered safe that actually has two safes.  Double chambered drop safes may have a side-by-side configuration or have one compartment on top of the other.   Side-by-side options normally have one larger safe and one smaller, with the drop box on top of the one which is smaller. One of these is a smart choice for a business owner who needs to allow the manager or employees access to one compartment possibly for the use of petty cash or storage of items which need protection, but does not want them to be able to open both.  Large amounts of cash are deposited in the drop slot and kept in the safe below which only the owner can open.

While floor drop safes offer the best protection they should be bolted down securely to the ground.  All safes of this type will have holes and mounting hardware for doing so.  This is extremely important because even though they are very heavy and incredibly inconvenient to move you don’t want a thief to be able to take your safe somewhere else where they would have the time and privacy to get into it.

Drop Safe


Under Counter Drop Safe

A very easy and inexpensive way to cut down on employee theft and money loss is by using under counter drop safes. These work particularly well for large business that have many different stations, registers, or counters where money is being taken in. Mounted right under the counter where transactions take place, employees can immediately deposit cash which can be collected in rounds by a manager and put into a larger and more secure safe.

But of course they work phenomenally well for smaller business and operations as well where you would like to have a convenient and hidden place to deposit payments and collect them later on.  In fact because they are so handy and cheap many people purchase them simply as a safe for keeping cash at home, so they can easily slip money inside without having to lock and unlock it every time. They don’t have to be secured literally under the counter they can also be bolted down to the floor if that’s what you prefer.

Drop Safe

Unlike with other types normally these small drop safes either have a dial combination lock or use a key.  Some units may use two keys instead of one for extra security so that two people are required to open the safe. The majority will have pre-drilled holes for mounting and depending on the model those could be on the top, sides, bottom, or all of these.  Others may require you to drill the holes yourself.

If you will be keeping large quantities of cash be sure to choose a safe which is thicker and heavier. Lighter and thinner safes for smaller amounts will normally use piano style hinges.  However for heavier and more secure ones, a solid steel pin is the ideal hinge type to use due to its increased strength.  Don’t forget to make sure that the under counter drop safe you choose has an anti-fishing baffle feature as well.

Drop Safe


Wall Drop Safe

For many businesses and even offices a wall drop safe is the answer to their needs.  Like their name suggests they are mounted to the wall.  As a result they are lighter in weight and smaller in size, yet very tough.  Since they are not as thick and heavy as traditional safes, which they can’t be because this would interfere with them being able to be used on the wall, they are sometimes also referred to as drop boxes or drop safe boxes.  There different sizes for different needs from slim space saving models to ones designed for   bulk items.

Anti-fishing baffles and reinforced steel doors are always features to look for which will help prevent theft.  While they might not look as tough floor safes, unless someone is going to knock down your wall or put a huge hole in it they are not going to be able to get what’s inside.  Of course that being said you should attach it to a sturdy wall, preferably one made from concrete but they can be also mounted on wood and even sheetrock.   Some wall drop safes can also be mounted on desks or used free standing.  It depends on what you will be using it for and in what type of environment, not everyone needs the same level of protection.

Drop Safe

When it comes to uses, the most common is by property managers or owners for collecting rent checks and keys.  This is of course is a much more efficient method than receiving such items in the mailbox or under the door and it prevent tenants from using the excuse that their rent payment must have been lost or stolen after they dropped it off.  With a wall drop safe either they gave it to you or they didn’t, there’s no confusion.

Of course wall drop safes are great for all sorts of other business that require payments, contracts to be delivered, time cards to be dropped off, etc.  They are especially convenient for home businesses.  In the office they are frequently used for ballots, forms, time cards, notes, files, and documents which are meant to remain private.  There are even wall drop safes made specifically to securely house medications and work great in pharmacies, police stations, hospitals, fire stations and many other places as well.  One thing to keep in mind however is that the vast majority of safes are made for indoor use so placing one in a foyer, hallway, porch or covered area where it will not be directly exposed to the elements is a must.

Drop Safe

Through The Wall Drop Safes    

Another variation, while not as common but very useful, is the through the wall drop safe.  And yes, these are fitted in your wall so that items can be deposited on one side of the wall and are stored and opened safely on the other.  Most are very sturdy and depending on the model, are normally ideal for walls which are between four and ten inches thick.

Drop Safe

A through the wall drop safe is yet another excellent rent collecting tool especially for those who do not want to risk opening their safe outside.  In many areas unfortunately these may be a necessity.  They are also commonly installed in businesses so that employees can drop in cash and documents for the manger or owner without having to enter inside of their office.

While some are designed to have large slots for bulkier items others may have thinner ones that are designed specifically for documents, letters, and checks.  You will find that there are two basic types ones which have a chute and ones which don’t.  Models with chutes have the chute set at a downward angle so that items can easily drop into the safe box below without any resistance.  Having a chute which is adjustable is a handy feature since it can be extended to fit to the exact width of your wall.

Drop Safe


Through The Door

A similar concept to through the wall safes are through the door drop safes.  They are mounted on the inside of the door of a home, office, or business with the drop slot or drawer on the outside.  And of course these too are very popular for rent checks, payments of all types, and as key drops for auto body businesses.   Through the door drop safes are also a fantastic idea if you will be receiving checks in the mail.

However, even though the majority of models may look just like a mailbox slot, many consumers make the understandable mistake of assuming they all can fit regular size mail which is not always the case. While many can, others cannot.  Simply be sure to take a look at the specifications of the unit you are considering to guarantee the size of its slot meets your individual requirements whatever they may be.

Drop Safe

From cash to documents there really is a drop safe for every need and level of protection.  Whether  it’s for a business, home, or office by using one you’ll drastically cut down on the of risk of theft  and save a ton of time.  There is no greater investment than your own peace of mind and that is exactly what these special safes provide.

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