Hidden Gun Safe

Standard gun safes are without a doubt the most secure way to store your firearms. However, they are not always ideal for every situation.  Some safes are light enough in weight that they can be stolen while others are kept where thieves can easily see them and therefore are often the target of their efforts. Worst of all, some of the toughest safes don’t allow quick access when you need your firearm the most.

As a result, more and more gun owners are purchasing hidden gun safes instead or to use in conjunction with ones which are more heavy duty.  Hidden gun safes are not always what you’d think of when the word “safe,” comes to mind as most people envision a metal box tucked away were you can’t find it. In fact more often than not they take the form of something you’d least expect.  That’s because many are meant to be disguised as everyday objects. Whether they are similar to a traditional safe or not in appearance and structure, hiding them in plain sight or at least in a very convenient spot can be a huge advantage.

Hidden Gun Safe

Not only does it mean being able to get to your weapons right away, but can also often be a great  way to keep your firearms out of sight and secure from both curious kids and would-be thieves when you’re not around. While most often they are hidden in the wall, in furniture, or designed to look like standard household décor, there are even models for the car as well. We’ve compiled a list of the top options every gun owner should consider so that they will always have access at a moment’s notice.

The Best Hidden Gun Safe Ideas

Hidden Wall Gun Safes

Unlike many others on the list, hidden wall gun safes are usually made from heavy gauge steel.  While they can be incredibly tough they usually don’t offer as much protection as traditional gun safes, but they’re not designed to.  Instead they are made more for: keeping firearms out of the hands of those who should not have access to them, easy opening, and of course to stay out of sight as well.

What makes a wall safe hidden is the fact that they are installed with the body of the safe inside of your wall, in-between the wall studs.  Different from other options these have a face which is meant to be flush with the wall. The less the face sticks out the better.  That way you can cover it up with a mirror, picture frame, or other piece of décor or furniture.  But just remember that whatever you place in front of your hidden wall gun safe to keep it concealed, you should be able to remove in a hurry if the need be, so don’t choose something too heavy  or big.

Hidden Gun Safe

A really simple way to make sure no one sees your safe is to install it in a closet and for many homeowners the best one is in the bedroom.  By doing so, you will have the ability to grab your firearms without having to leave the room in the event of a late night home invasion.   And you can always push a few hangers full of clothes in front of your hidden closet gun safe to make it even less visible, it’s up to you and how creative you want to be!

The one you choose will depend on the number and size of firearms you will be keeping inside, along with the amount of security you need.   Options which are fireproof and made from thicker steel of course will be more expensive, as they will be more secure.  There are many models made specifically for guns, usually these are the larger sized ones that can fit rifles and shotguns and most often will have accessories like shelving, racks, hooks, and holders to make storing them efficient. If you are installing yours in the closet picking one with lights inside may be a good choice, or you could purchase these separately and install them yourself since they are usually battery operated. For smaller firearms standard hidden wall safes can work just as well and will give you a place to keep valuables too.

Hidden Gun Safe


A Hidden Gun Safe Bookshelf

One of the most sought after types of safes are those which look like regular wall shelves or book shelves. There are two basic varieties to choose from. The first are a set of shelves which have a secret compartment hidden behind them. Normally the compartments are large enough for you to fit rifles and shotguns in, while the front can be used to display your favorite mementos, trophies, photos, or books depending on the unit you choose.

Some models allow the gun compartment to slide out on only one side while others can slide out on either. Since they can also function as an attractive piece of furniture they can really work double duty to add to the look of whichever room they are placed and discreetly secure your guns at the same time.

Hidden Gun Safe

The other variety of hidden shelf gun safes actually keep your firearms inside the shelf itself. These are fast becoming very popular as more and more firearm owners find out about them.  Since they hide guns horizontally rather than vertically like most safes, they don’t take up a lot of space and are very inconspicuous.  Models like those made by the well-known manufacturers Covert Cabinets and Tactical Walls smartly open from below using a gas spring and require the use of a magnetic key.  This means fast access in case of an emergency without having to remove the items placed on top or deal with any combinations.

Hidden shelf gun safes of this type can range in size from being able to accommodate single handguns and extra magazines up to those made for long guns or multiple smaller firearms. LED lights are an extra feature some units come with that can be really helpful in the dark when you need to grab your gun fast. Available in a variety of handsome finishes, shelves make an easy choice and one that will guarantee no one knows or even suspects anything is inside.

Hidden Gun Safe


Hidden Gun Safe Mirrors

Whether it’s used to check your appearance each day, add light to a room, or both, mirrors are a necessity.  And that makes them a phenomenal hiding spot. They won’t look out of place and can be used to help guarantee you look your best before leaving the house which is always a plus.  Typically they are installed by first cutting a hole in your wall using a template and then inserting a panel. Then the frame and mirror are installed over that panel, which makes it invisible to the eye since it is recessed into the wall and not sticking out.

The better mirrors will include an extra security panel behind the glass to make sure no one can simply break through and get inside.  Some brands will also offer magnets to help hold the muzzle of longer guns upright or handguns and magazines in place which is a really handy feature. Be sure to choose one with a magnetic lock that way there are no signs whatsoever that your mirror is hiding something.   Hidden gun safe mirrors are of course made in different sizes from smaller ones, all the way to full length, to make sure they fit the specific needs and capacities of consumers and come in a range of frame styles and materials to suit every preference.

Hidden Gun Safe


Hidden Gun Safe Picture Frames

Pictures frames are yet another household piece of décor that can allow you to get away with secret firearm storage.  Virtually everyone has them in their home and they are never on a thief’s radar. Of course the vast majority of the population would never think they could be holding anything inside let alone a gun.   Hidden gun safe picture frames are very deceptive to the eye since just like with mirrors they are set into the wall.

Because they are smaller in size they are not an option for larger weapons and instead ideal for handgun owners. This type of safe is also often used for cash so you when shopping for one you will see that there are models made specifically for firearms but also ones which are all-purpose and can be used for money, jewelry, and guns as well.  That fact means locks can come in variety of types such as magnetic, dial combinations, or just use a key.  Depending on the model you choose the picture may slide to one side to reveal the inside compartment after being unlocked or swing open using hinges.

Hidden Gun Safe


Don’t overlook clocks either. The majority of this type are mantle clocks, since they have a naturally wide body that won’t attract any suspicion. Like their name suggests they can be used on the mantle of the fireplace but also on a shelf, desk, table, and many other locations too. Just be sure that you place yours close enough that it can be gotten to quickly.

Most simply lock using strong magnets so they might not be the best idea if you have a household with children.  Clock hidden gun safes can usually fit even fairly large handguns but for rifles and shotguns there is still an option.  Grandfather clocks, which are tall and free-standing, are sometimes available which have a secret compartment where the pendulum would normally be.  While not as common and more expensive they can make for a good-looking hidden long gun safe.

Hidden Gun Safe


The cheapest option on the list, book safes are a long time favorite for anyone who wants to keep their handgun, cash,  or valuables right on the bookshelf, on top of the desk, or in the drawer without anyone knowing.  They look just like a real book but inside contain a lockable metal box.  Most often they’ll be made to imitate really boring books or subjects that the average thief is not going to look twice at, such as a dictionary.

In fact they are one of the easiest DIY hidden gun safes to make on your own.  Just be sure to choose a thick book that won’t attract attention and that you don’t mind cutting up. However, since even the top book safes are so cheap, buying one is usually a better idea.  This is particularly true if you will be using it with a firearm, that way you can guarantee it is locked safely away. And you won’t have to worry about someone being able to use or steal it if on the off chance they were to happen to try and read it or the book were to fall off the shelf.

Hidden Gun Safe



The best hidden gun safes are installed where you’d least expect them and a vent safe provides a superb spot.  They not only look incredibly realistic but would just never be somewhere anyone would think something is hidden. For installation you simply place it right into a cutout in your wall and screw it into your wall studs and you’re ready to go.

To keep from being spotted as fakes they do not use a standard lock and key since that would be too obvious.  Instead these hidden in-wall gun safes use a radio frequency identification card that you place in front of the safe which will then automatically open.  The cards look just like generic blank key cards so no one will have a clue what they are actually for.  Vent safes run on batteries so if you do decide to purchase one, make sure it is a unit that has a low battery alert or an external battery pack so you can open it without a problem even if the batteries do die.

Hidden Gun Safe


Under the Desk

Businesses which keep a large amount of cash or valuables on hand are always at a higher risk of theft.  However keeping your gun out in the open is not only unsafe but doesn’t really make a great impression with customers, clients, or employees.   In this type of situation other hidden gun safe options don’t work as well because an intruder isn’t going to allow you the time to stand up and open them.

A much more discreet choice for handguns is an under the desk gun safe. These can be mounted in a variety of positions making installing one at the angle, height, and place that are ideal for your individual preferences a cinch.  And of course this will let you access your firearm as fast as possible and often without revealing you are actually doing so. Depending on your needs they can be also be used in many other locations as well such as under or behind the bed.   While some units use a digital keypad others use a biometric fingerprint lock for quick and keyless entry.

Hidden Gun Safe


Storage Ottomans

For those who are looking for hidden gun safe furniture, there are some larger options as well.  Ottomans, which are normally used for resting your feet, can also be used to store firearms. And since they are long, deep, and naturally wide they can usually hold an array of firepower.

Similar to other storage ottomans or storage benches these typically will have a hinged top that opens up to a hollow core.  However unlike the standard variety, inside of these there is a compartment which is lockable by key.  The guns are placed in the bottom of this compartment. Some will include extra trays for handguns, ammunition, and other accessories that can be conveniently set on the ledge above so that you have the ability to view and grab whichever one you need at any time.

Hidden Gun Safe

Manufacturers offer them in many materials such leather, faux leather, wood, or a combination, along with a range of colors, and styles so that matching your current furniture is a breeze.  An added benefit of using one of these is that they can often be used as extra seating and depending on how flat it is, even as a table.  Just like with a mirror hidden gun safe they are one of the few options which not only add to the look of your home but that will be used on daily basis, making them a smart choice for  value conscious consumers. Having your protection right below your feet is very comforting in more ways than one.


Under The Bed

The bedroom is where we sleep and for that reason is why many people prefer to have at least one firearm stored there in case of a break in during the night. It’s of course very sensible since if you were to keep it in another room it might take too long to get to leaving you unable defend your family, which defeats the purpose of owning a gun.

For super fast access at arm’s length, you could sleep with a gun under your pillow, but that’s not a very safe or smart solution for many obvious reasons.  Instead, responsible firearm owners who want something that is secure enough to keep kids along with non-professional thieves out,  but still allows them to be able to open their safe up in a hurry, usually go for an under the bed safe.

Hidden Gun Safe

These are steel boxes which are designed to be long enough to fit bigger guns but still slim enough to be kept right under your bed.  Most are meant to be bolted to the floor which will of course keep your gun safe hidden from view and stationary, but whether you choose to do so is up to you.  Some models will even have lights on the keypad of the lock so that you can correctly enter your combination without having to turn on the lights or even get of bed.


Hidden Car Gun Safes

Safes aren’t just for the home but the car as well, which is a good thing particularly if you will be driving through, or live in a rough area. But let’s face it, anything can happen anywhere.  And many times criminals will actually target specific vehicles, areas, or even people making the old adage “better safe than sorry,” just as true for when you’re travelling in the car.

Hidden gun car safes usually come in two main varieties: under the seat lock boxes and console lock boxes. Either of these can be used for handgun storage. With both you will need to make sure the specific box you choose fits in the make and model of your vehicle which can be done in few seconds when shopping online, but is very important.  Also be sure to pick one which is made from heavy gauge steel for extra strength.

Hidden Gun Safe

Under the seat lock boxes can fit longer items and normally will use a cylinder lock and key since that is the most convenient when reaching under the seat to open them. When they are opened, they have a drawer which slides outwards.  The entire unit is attached using seat riser bolts.  Because some models that are made for the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat have different orientations be sure to carefully read the product description of the one you are buying to help ensure you won’t have to return or exchange it.

Console lock boxes will fit right inside the console of your car and many are quite roomy, but again the model you choose needs to coincide with the make and model of the car you own.  They are attached via the console bolts. Unlike the ones used under the seat, these often come in a few different lock types and many manufacturers let you choose the one you like best such as a 3 number combination (less numbers equal less wasted time) or  a cylinder lock.  Spring assisted doors are always something to look for since they will automatically open when unlocked which can really make a difference in an emergency situation.

Hidden Gun Safe

When every second counts a hidden gun safe is the best way to go. Quick access and concealment are vital. Fortunately with so many options listed above from the wall to car there is surely something that meets your needs and the space you are using it in.

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